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Controlling Idea in Essays Definition and Examples

Learn how to write the main idea of an essay, the thesis statement, and the topic sentence. Study examples of each and compare their meanings in essay writing. The controlling idea is either an opinion that needs to be proven or an idea that leads to a list of things that need to be developed.

Your concluding sentence should end your paragraph logically. Concluding sentences can restate the main idea of your paragraph, state an opinion, make a prediction, give advice, etc. New ideas should not be presented in your concluding sentence. Learning how to develop a good topic sentence is the first step toward writing a solid paragraph.

Problem: the paragraph has no topic sentence

The most common reasons for writing are to persuade, to inform, and to entertain. It is also possible that a sentence could do more than one of these. When you read a book or a blog or any article, what will be the first thing you would check? The topic of the content is selected so that it gives a slight hint of what your will be reading in the book or a blog. We will cover all the major things to explain the concept in deep. After looking at topic sentence examples, continue practicing that process. Identifying the topic and the controlling idea of a sentence may not be easy at first.

  1. Links to any sites are not endorsements of the contents of those sites.
  2. People provide warmth, affection, understanding, and most of all, love.
  3. Fast food restaurants have a wide variety of types.
  4. It is important to distinguish between a topic and a controlling idea.
  5. I want to tell my readers that home education is important, so I’ll tell them about its benefits.

The exercises help slow my heart rate and make me feel less anxious. Better yet, they require no pills, no equipment, and very little time. It’s amazing how just breathing correctly has helped me learn to manage my anxiety symptoms.

Defining the Controlling Idea

Because he’s so considerate, he hates to keep people waiting. He also believes that being early creates a better expereince. One time, when we were going to a movie together, John arrived thirty minutes earlier just so he could get the best seats in the theatre. With this new topic sentence, the second sentence would have to be eliminated or changed a bit. You can see how easy it is to get off-topic, but with a good topic sentence, and constant reference back to it, you are less likely to have that problem.

  1. If you don’t know what the controlling idea sentence is saying or what it means, you may have a hard time identifying its topic and controlling idea.
  2. Creating a national set of standards for math and English education will improve student learning in many states.
  3. Signal words are signposts or clues to a paragraph’s organization.
  4. What happens when a writer doesn’t create specific topic sentences that control the supporting sentences in a paragraph?
  5. Yet, if you read the paragraph carefully, you will see that it has a clear topic and that the writer has a clear controlling idea.
  6. In this case, the supporting sentences are placed before the topic sentence and the concluding sentence is the same as the topic sentence.

The main idea is still clear because the details in the paragraph tell you what the topic is and what the writer is saying about the topic. From the list above, mockingbird essay let’s choose “illustration” as our rhetorical purpose. We’ll walk through a 5-step process for building a paragraph that illustrates a point in an argument.

What is a controlling idea?

Having fun with friends and family is more important and more satisfying than buying a new car or nice clothes. People provide warmth, affection, understanding, and most of all, love. Money can’t love you back, and it does not guarantee happiness. Some of the richest people in the world are miserable, while some of the poorest people in the world are happy because to kill a mockingbird essay they have the simple joy of loving people in their lives. Topic sentences that entertain are sometimes found in magazines or other less formal writing. At Story Grid we refer to the story theme as the controlling idea of a story because every UNIT OF STORY should be guided by this message. Every CRISIS the protagonist faces should relate to the controlling idea.

controlling idea example

This website is not affiliated with any of the organizations or institutions at which Dr. Impson is employed and/or with which she is affiliated. Links to any sites are not endorsements of the contents of those sites. IV. There are spiritual benefits of home education. II. There are academic benefits of home education. _____________________________________________________________ . One reason is that employers want workers to be dependable. They certainly want workers who come to work every day.

Body Paragraphs: Topic Sentences

The sample paragraphs in this section illustrate topic sentences, supporting details, organizational patterns, and signal words in context. Read each paragraph to identify the type of paragraph organization on your own, and then proceed to the analysis to check your comprehension. Drafting example of a bridge in an essay effective, well-organized body paragraphs takes a great amount of thought and revision. In American academic and business writing, writers are encouraged to discuss one topic per paragraph. Writers usually indicate to the reader what that one topic is with a topic sentence.

  1. Your thesis statement is the most important part of your writing; without it, your paper doesn’t have a main point or stance.
  2. What UT offers has nothing to do with Anna’s talents!
  3. For example, “The life cycle of a frog has two stages.” What are the two stages?
  4. Tao approached her cautiously, as if she might crumble at the slightest touch.
  5. Continue the pattern of giving examples and explaining them until all points/examples that the writer deems necessary have been made and explained.
  6. It draws on specific examples and then makes a general statement that draws a conclusion from these examples (animals’ senses are better than humans’).
  7. When you read, however, you may find paragraphs that do not have a main idea sentence in it.

It is definitely a good way to show biographies of animals and people in order to share unknown information about them. A documentary can also be an excellent source of acquiring information for research about a specific subject. However, this kind of motion picture may not be as entertaining as others since it has a lot of information and details similar to a journal or sometimes a news report. Example should college athletes be paid essay topics and titles of documentaries include “42 ways to kill Hitler”, “The life and times of John F. Kennedy”, and “Supersize Me”. The topic sentence expresses the main idea of the paragraph combined with the writer’s attitude or opinion about the topic. You should avoid introducing any new ideas into your concluding sentence. A conclusion is intended to provide the reader with a sense of completion.

Problem: The Paragraph Has No Topic Sentence

Rewrite each thesis statement as you would at the beginning of a conclusion paragraph. May imply controlling ideas (e.g., “There are three popular sports in the United States.”). Transitional words and phrases are useful tools to incorporate into workplace documents.

  1. Another way of thinking about the function of a topic sentence is to think about the topic sentence as a controlling idea for a paragraph.
  2. On the other hand, Gino is outgoing and the life of the party.
  3. Such a terrifying representation easily captures the imagination and promotes unnecessary fear.
  4. If he or she is unable to guess your topic accurately, you should consider revising your topic sentence so that it clearly defines your purpose in writing.
  5. The middle part of a paragraph containing supporting sentences.
  6. For guidance on formatting citations, please see the UNC Libraries citation tutorial.
  7. It started in England and was perfected in Brazil.

In others, the theme sentence is suggested or missing inside and out. It is important to distinguish between a topic and a controlling idea. A topic is a subject that you discuss, while a controlling idea is a point that you are trying to make about the topic. The topic is “graduating from high school” and the controlling idea is “many different reasons.”

Writing a Paragraph

As a review of writing body paragraphs, write a complete body paragraph for each/one of the following theses. Don’t forget to focus on only one controlling idea. Documentary movies are nonfictional motion pictures that have the purpose of showing reality, giving instruction, educating, or informing.

Rachel’s haircut went really well with the Guess Jeans that were so popular in the 1990s. I remember all the advertisements for Guess and Calvin Klein Jeans that were in each month’s Sassy magazine.

Main Idea versus Controlling Idea

The idea is that you continue to use this pattern until you have completely developed the main idea of the paragraph. For example, the what is commentary in writing promotional poster for the 1978 horror filmPiranhafeatures an oversized piranha poised to bite the leg of an unsuspecting woman.

controlling idea example

To choose an appropriate topic sentence, read the paragraph and think about its main idea and point. If you are taking a writing course, your instructor will probably require you to write main idea sentences in your paragraphs so you can learn how they work. If you are unsure if they are required, ask your instructor for clarification. In addition, all the sentences in a paragraph must say something specific about the topic. That is called the controlling idea of the paragraph.

thoughts on Writing the Perfect Controlling Idea for Film and TV: The ULTIMATE Guide

In conclusion, the United States has many sports practiced and followed. The athletes with the highest skill play these sports. With the exception of soccer teams in the U.S., the sport leagues are growing and spreading more throughout Europe.

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