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How to Cite an Article Within an Essay

But, we will cover only APA and MLA because these are the most common ones. Before we get to all the different cases that change the way to cite an article in your essay, we must clarify a couple of things first. For more advice from our Creative Writing reviewer, including how to cite an essay in APA or Chicago Style, keep reading. This article was co-authored by Diya Chaudhuri, PhD and by wikiHow staff writer, Jennifer Mueller, JD. Diya Chaudhuri holds a PhD in Creative Writing from Georgia State University.

  • Publishers and dates are the only two places where a publication can be published.
  • A good manual of style, such as the Oxford Style Manual will be able to give you further guidance.
  • They also allow others to follow up on the work that you have done.
  • Sometimes they simply refer to relevant sources — they let your reader know where certain material came from or where they can look for other sources on the subject.

For several titles by the same author, include a shortened version of the title after the author’s name (if the title isn’t mentioned in your text). This handout how to cite an article in essay focuses on how to format in-text citations in APA. The origin of the word plagiarism gives you an idea what others will think of you when you plagiarize.

APA Citation Guide

It is generally advisable to use the ‘top level’ address when listing news items such as the one above. Each reference must be accompanied by a link to details of the source, as outlined below. In a synthesis essay, you want to have more commentary than evidence. Login to access tools for note-taking, outlining, and citation. When you build on another’s program or on a not-commonly-known algorithm in writing computer code.

how to cite an article in essay

Where there are two or more works by an author in the same year distinguish them by date and letter (e.g. Howarth, 1995a; Howarth, 1995b). While both “Source A” and the author’s last name are allowed, for timed synthesis essays, as a teacher, I find listing the source and letter a bit easier to remember. However, if you’re writing an MLA or APA format research paper, you’ll want to be sure that you’re using the correct citation method for that format.

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For shorter works such as essays in edited collections or chapters in a book, do not italicize, put quotes around the title, or underline. List the sources in chronological order from the earliest to the latest for multiple sources written by the same author or authors listed in the same order. Have the first and middle names of all authors in a particular work, adding up to and including 20 authors, initialed. Separate the initials of each author from the next in the list using a comma. If there are more than 20 authors, use an ellipsis after the 19th author’s name, then add the final author’s name without an ampersand.

Below are examples of using in-text citation with web pages. Based in Virginia, Susan Harlow is an adjunct English professor and writing resource coordinator. She specializes in education and technical communication. She holds a Master of Arts in English with a concentration in literacy, technology and professional writing from Northern Arizona University. Research on social networks in higher education institutions usually focuses on one of the two main groups of participants — teachers or students. It involves both stealing someone else’s work and lying about it afterward. In 1936, Keynes said, “governments should run deficits when the economy is slow to avoid unemployment” (as cited in Richardson, 2008, p. 257).


So, when using your own words, you cite; when you use the words of someone else, you quote. ” (Blankenhorn, 1995, p.117) is a quotation, because I use the exact same classification and division essay definition words Blankenhorn did. However, when stating that families in the US are increasingly defined by the absence of a father , I only use the idea, not the exact words.

Footnotes are notes written at the bottom of the page which corresponds to a small footnote number written at the end of the relevant line of text, in superscript. Both examples of what to do within the text will be followed by examples of how to do a corresponding reference page.

Mla Formatting And Style Guide Mla Style Guide: Formatting And Style

Usually, however, this is just as much work as writing the essay yourself. Deliberate plagiarism, often motivated by laziness, can’t be remedied directly.

The author’s last name, first name, and chapter or essay title should be in the following order. The title of the book, the page number, and the last name of the author are all listed below First M.’s last name. Publishers and dates are the only two places where a publication can be published.


If you want your reader to read your notes right away, footnotes are more likely to get your reader’s attention. Endnotes, on the other hand, are less intrusive and will not interrupt the flow of your paper. If you have already introduced the author and work from which you are citing, and you are obviously referring to the same work, you probably don’t need to mention them again. However, if you have cited other sources and then go back to one you had cited earlier, it is a good idea to mention at least the author’s name again to avoid confusion.

how to cite an article in essay

Scribendi’s in-house editors are unrivaled in both experience and education, having collectively edited millions of words and obtained numerous degrees. They love consuming caffeinated beverages, reading books of various genres, and relaxing in quiet, dimly lit spaces. Whatever your field of expertise, our academic articles will help you navigate the writing process. Et al. means “and others.” It is a Latin phrase used to shorten the list of author names in in-text citations to make it simpler and shorter to repeat references. You should generally follow the same pattern for citing written sources when citing online ones. Therefore, you should provide the name of the author, year, page title, name of the sponsor site , day month year of access, and the URL.

Newspaper Articles

EssayPro offers high quality business essay writing services provided by professionals. The reference section is one of the easiest places to lose points due to incorrect APA format, so always check your references before you hand in your psychology papers. Learning to reference articles in proper APA style can help you throughout your study of psychology. Finally, you should always consult your instructor to determine the form of citation appropriate for your paper. You can save a lot of time and energy simply by asking “How should I cite my sources,” or “What style of citation should I use?” before you begin writing. Scribendi’s in-house editors work with writers from all over the globe to perfect their writing. They know that no piece of writing is complete without a professional edit, and they love to see a good piece of writing transformed into a great one.

Type the author of the essay’s last name first, followed by a comma. Then type the first initial of the author’s first name.

When you introduce facts that you have found in a source

However, there are certain instances in which citing may not be necessary. Below are some examples in which you may not need to cite. However, if you are in doubt, it is best to cite the source and consult your instructor. Paraphrasing requires that you rephrase or restate the original idea. You should not simply substitute key phrases with synonyms and call it your own idea. Even if you do not directly quote a sentence and instead choose to paraphrase it, this still requires a citation.

how to cite an article in essay

Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 536,901 times. Where possible cite the official reports, the European Court Reports . If an ECR report is unavailable, the second best report is usually the Common Market Law Reports . The Law Reports, the Weekly Law Reports or the All England Reports can also be cited. For an unreported case, cite the relevant notice in the Official Journal .

How to Add Evidence in an Essay

The best tip to success in anything is to know how to search for good information and know how to delegate like a leader. If you are not sure about how the specifics of citation will work in your course, ask your tutor for more help; this is what they are there for.

how to cite an article in essay

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